Brown Sugar Bacon Biscuits

This weekend I had grandiose plans for myself. Not of baking but of not baking. I decided that I’ve been baking way too much – practically every week for the last two months – and that maybe it was time to curtail my butter consumption. I thought I would try and help my waistline find its way back. Heaven knows my waistline needs help finding its way back.

Alas, the grip of the idea only lasted but for a day. I could not stop wondering how these biscuits would taste in my mouth…and there was only one way to find out. I didn’t want to, but I reeeeeally wanted to. Oi vey.

I altered the recipe to be fit for my consumption by using turkey bacon. I can’t imagine how much more scrumptious real, salty, fatty bacon would make these biscuits. I also added some grated cheddar cheese into the dough mixture, because I’m naughty.

Recipe adapted from my favourite food blogger, Joy the Baker.

It looks like my waistline will remain lost for a while yet.


6 thoughts on “Brown Sugar Bacon Biscuits

  1. Kosher bacon made out of turkey and artfully scalloped and colored. Kosher bacon. This is SO oxymoronic. I love it!

  2. Oh my god, those look so good. (Also, turkey bacon is a favorite of mine. It’s slightly better for you and usually a little cheaper than the real stuff — though the real stuff is the reason I’m not a vegetarian, also.)

    I need to make these. Yummmmm.

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