Chocolate Yoghurt Muffins

It’s been toooooo hot around these parts lately. Yesterday my bag of chocolate chips went all melty just from sitting on the kitchen counter for a few hours. That is not something that usually happens, not even in the perpetual summer that is Singapore weather. Luckily we were able to get to them before they became an impossible melty glob of chocolate!

My friend FR came over last night. She asked me to teach her to bake. That girl had never baked anything in her entire life, and only recently took an interest in cooking and baking when I started foisting my baking upon her. She was in awe watching my (mother’s) stand mixer in action; it was so amusing to see. P.S. God bless that mixer…20 years old and still running beautifully!

Between fits of laughter, we managed to make two things: chocolate chip cookie dough balls – not pictured because they look just like the ones in the pic I put up last week – and chocolate yoghurt muffins, which I chose for two reasons. One, because they’re easy and perfect for a novice like FR, and two, because I had half a tub of Greek yoghurt I needed to finish. Heh. One thing you could never accuse me of is wasting food.

I found the recipe on A Bitchin’ Kitchen. We used regular cocoa powder and semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of dark cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips because they were what I had.

Behold, the delicious result of FR’s hard work, photographed in the morning light of my house…on the floor…at my front door. If I’ve learned anything from Joy and Tracy, it’s that you can take photos of food anywhere.

Yay for friends! Yay for food!


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