I could offer you a warm embrace to make you feel my love

Aka, P.S. This is still not a food blog. TFC’s real life: it still exists. Though not oft-discussed, it’s still a cause for jubilation and tribulations aplenty.

P.P.S. The title is my favourite verse of a song that inspired this post.

On the way home tonight with my mp3 player on shuffle, Adele’s version of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ comes on. I light up, because I haven’t heard the song in a while. As the song progresses, I begin to recall the memory I have forever associated with it. And what’s funnier is today marks exactly three months since the, uh, incident. Because I am a big fan of coincidences, I feel compelled to expatiate on it…even though the story is somewhat embarrassing.

You see, three months ago on this date, after spending four nights in my host AX’s apartment in Barcelona and many a glorious hour with this wonder of a human being, I took an early morning train to Cordoba, a city in southern Spain I have wanted to go for as long as I can remember. All along I had been more excited about the Cordoba leg of my trip than the Barcelona leg of my trip; I only had the Mezquita on my mind. And then AX shouted my name at the bus station in Barcelona and pretty much singlehandedly changed my perspective on things.

AX is a really nice guy. Seriously, truly. Like I wrote in my reference of him on the Couchsurfing website, even if I plucked out all the synonyms of “spectacular” from the thesaurus, it still wouldn’t be an accurate description of him. He is just so amazing, and kind, and I loved him like a brother, and a friend. I was going to spend two nights in Cordoba, then come back to Barcelona and spend one more night at his place, before flying off to Paris the following day. I was going to see him again in just a few days. But all that time standing between us meeting again felt like too much to bear. I had grown attached. I was too far gone. With a heavy heart, I got on the train.

My mp3 player was playing a happy song that did not befit my mood at that moment, so I hit next: When the rain is blowing in your face… Almost immediately, I found myself misty-eyed and shedding tears, waterfall-like. There was hardly any warning, it just went whoosh! I know it’s a song about romantic love, I know. And while AX is a 100% certified cutie pie, I do not like him like that. First off he’s six years younger than me. And secondly…come on. Can’t I sisterly love a guy? It’s not romantic, it’s a friend/brother type of adoration, and there it was, all up, in, on, and around me.

At first I kept my face facing the window as I rummaged through my bag for a tissue, so as not to be seen by the pair in the aisle next to me. But when I’d run out of clean tissues and still the tears just kept on coming, I gave up and wept like the nobody’s business it was. I was okay by the end of the song, I even laughed at myself. But the fact that the song got to me like that…it was baffling. It was the closest to sibling love I have ever felt, and it was a really powerful emotion. I didn’t know him too well, and yet in that moment I knew I would throw down for him if I had to. Go to the ends of the earth, as it says in the song.

AX knows nothing about this, and I do not plan to tell him anytime soon. He doesn’t need to know how I feel about him. Heh.

Anyway, that’s the story. And here’s the song.


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