Something good can work and it can work for you and you know that it will

Today we had a deadline on not one but two projects, and everyone was racing around the city like headless chickens. Lucky us, the sun was absolutely ridiculously scorching. By the time I got back in the office at 2pm, I looked like I had taken a dip in the pool with my clothes on. Yeah, I was quite a lovely sight. We just barely made the deadline. Crazy/amazing. Now I’m home, showered, dinnered (totally a word) and knackered. Beyond all previous forms of knackeredness. Truly. But you know what? This enervation tastes pretty sweet. It’s a flavour I’m not used to but it’s refreshing and I welcome it.

Two weeks on – I still love the boys, and the boys still love me. It’s all good in da hood.


2 thoughts on “Something good can work and it can work for you and you know that it will

    1. I am, essentially, the office manager in a UK-based construction company. The term ‘manager’ makes me laugh because I can barely manage my own life let alone a whole entire office! But that’s my official position so hey. They’re hoping to get me into marketing too, eventually, which again is laughable because I have not one creative bone in my body. But I would like to give it a try, when the time comes. So far I’m liking being the go-to person in the office.

      It’s the people I work with that is making work fun, especially the two…I call them boys but they’re my age. Being British they swear a lot, and for some reason that really tickles my funny bone. They’re just really good people and I look forward to going to work every day – which, since you’ve read my blog for a number of years now, you should know that I have never once in my life enjoyed working. So for me to be saying this is MAJOR. I used to think I hated work in and of itself. I realise now that that is not true!

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