The only way to listen to a record like that is to play it through

I’m alive. This was just a very eventful week. Tuesday night was the Dashboard Confessional concert; my uncle (dad’s truly biological younger bro – same mum and same dad, unlike the rest who are all half-siblings) passed away on Wednesday; the funeral was Thursday morning; Rachael Yamagata’s concert was Thursday night; and Friday occupied so much headspace that I forgot to floss. That does not ever happen. Does naan and butter chicken and aloo gobi and paneer makhani smell as good emanating from one’s mouth as it does going in? Don’t answer that. Also, do not watch The Grey. What a silly movie. We cracked up at the ending. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the intended effect.

So, yes, my uncle passed away. He was very ill a few years ago. I wrote about him on I don’t know which blog. I can’t remember if Vox was still around then or I was already at Livecloud. We thought he wasn’t going to make it then, but he did. It’s funny, before we got news last Sunday of his being hospitalised, I actually randomly thought of him. When he was ill in 2009, he was put in an induced coma for three days. After he recovered, I asked him if he remembered anything about the three days he blacked out, whether he dreamt of anything, had any visions or heard anything, or knew who visited him? Nothing, he said, not a thing. “I know I was sick and then it was darkness, just absolutely nothing, and when I awoke again, it was three days later.” And I thought to myself how crazy it was that three days of his life could pass by without him even knowing it. This is what I was thinking about last week, I swear just hours before we were told he’d fallen ill. I don’t really know what was the cause, to be honest, but on Monday night his heart stopped for five minutes. They resuscitated him, but he was in a vegetative state and was put on life support. On Wednesday his family unanimously decided to take him off of it. He died in the afternoon. My father wasn’t raised by his mother like his brother was, and wasn’t close to him, which translates to me not being close to him, which translates to me not being devastated over the loss. It’s sad, but that’s it.

Backtracking to Tuesday, it was Chris Carrabba Day at the Esplanade. My dream from the year 2000 finally came true. He was nothing short of amazing, natch. It was just Chris and two acoustic guitars, and man, what a voice. He sang the crowd favourites, but of course everyone was waiting only for ‘Hands Down’. I could’ve sworn I recorded it right from the beginning but got only the second half of it. I’m still too upset to talk about it.

Thursday night was Rachael Yamagata’s fourth concert in Singapore. And of course, I’ve seen her all four times. She had a cold but as usual she gave it her all. She sang 13 songs and I recorded 11. Haha. I went with a friend whom I converted into a RY fan last year. But we were seated separately because he didn’t decide to go until later. I, on the other hand, had gotten a confirmation email about my ticket purchase by 9:10am, 10 minutes after tickets were released. I asked him after the concert, “So now do you know why I’ve seen her four times?” And he grinned and said yes, declaring how if she came again, he would definitely go. She’ll be here again next year, just wait. Hands down (see what I did there?) my favourite song of the night was ‘Dealbreaker’. What a heartbreakingly gorgeous song.

I am only a few short days away from Europe now. I fly off Thursday night. I’m nearly finished with packing. I just haphazardly chucked some random clothes in and called it a day. Packing sucks. Besides, it doesn’t really matter what outfit I’ve got on when I’m going to wear a winter coat over it anyway, right? Underwear and toiletries are more important, so I was more careful about those. I figured if I needed more clothes, I could just buy them, no bigs. I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m freaking out. This is gonna be so awesome.


2 thoughts on “The only way to listen to a record like that is to play it through

  1. Hi TFC; you’re going to Europe? Where and for how long? Maybe if you’re on my side of the continent we could meet up … 🙂


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