Chocolate Coconut Pecan Scones

My everyday life continues to be unblogworthy, therefore I bring you…more food I made.

Recipe adapted from Joy the Baker. Love this chick. She’s witty, makes delicious food, takes beautiful photographs of said delicious food, and she has a hilarious podcast that brightens up my life.

I used pecans instead of almonds because I didn’t have almonds, I had pecans. Heh. Also, midway through scooping out the flour, I realised I only had enough for two cups, not three like the recipe calls for. Who runs out of a.p. flour?! Not me! I panicked. Then I remembered I had cake flour. I was uncertain if cake flour could be used in place of a.p. flour to make scones – didn’t want to touch my phone with my dirty hands to google – but I said a prayer and went ahead with it. It was too late to stop making the scones. Not that I was going to, mind. I was going to have scones no matter what. FYI, it’s a-okay to use cake flour in scones. In fact, some recipes call entirely for cake flour. Phew!

My favourite part of making this was cutting butter into the flour with my hands. I’ve just always loved doing that. Cold butter + flour in my hands = happiness. No pictures of that, obviously.

These.scones.are.PERFECT. Just the right amount of buttery-ness, and with just two tablespoons of sugar in the mix, well, I’m in heaven.


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