Sunflower Seed Brownies

Recipe adapted from Alton Brown.

I’m on a roll this weekend. I felt like playing with flour…so I did. I wanted something chocolatey with my flour…so I made brownies.

I’ve used this recipe before. I think I prefer this to the Amy Bites recipe I posted sometime ago. This is much firmer, easier to cut. Maybe I don’t like my brownies too fudgy after all.

I wrote a long, rambling story detailing the epiphany I got about adding sunflower seeds to my brownies, but I don’t think anyone would care. Hell, I know I didn’t, halfway through writing it.

So. Sunflower seed brownies. BAM. Six pieces are in my belly. No more. The rest are going into other people’s bellies. Hopefully it makes their bellies happy.


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