Foster The People, 14 January 2012

Foster The People last night – my first concert of the year. It was held at Fort Canning Park, i.e. outdoors, and there were…oh, I don’t know, six bajillion people maybe? I’m not sure, but I know there were many, many people. [Edit: The crowd was 3500-strong, according to the papers. Jeeeeebus.] Too many, I think. It was hot out, and with that many people around, it was very uncomfortable. I mean hot’s better than rain but still, it was ridiculous and I was perspiring and I do not like perspiring. But actually that’s not my main gripe with this setting. Oh, I’ve got a bigger gripe: there was no space to dance! I couldn’t even bop my head without headbutting the guy in front of me / next to me / behind me! Ugh! I wasn’t pleased. I like to dance at concerts, dammit.

Anyway. The performance itself was phenomenal though. That Mark Foster guy was crazy bonkers energetic. He sang, he danced, he played the drums and the keyboard and the guitar. He kept doing that shrug thing with his shoulders that I find completely adorable. He didn’t miss a single beat, he didn’t mess anything up…it was almost like he didn’t need to take in air once in a while. He was amazing.

Mark Foster on drums.

Mark Foster on keyboard.

Mark Foster on guitar.

I like the bit at 2:59 when he yelled out, “Singapooore!” It’s cute.

Such a great privilege to be a musician. To be doing what you love to do, to hordes of adoring fans singing along to songs you wrote. What a life.


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