The best deceptions

Ever eavesdropped on a conversation and wished you hadn’t? Me too. But I can’t unlearn what I’ve learnt, nor change the situation, so to console myself I bought fried chicken and ate half of it. Half the bird, I mean. No regrets, man. It was delicious.

In less disconcerting (and less vague) news, I’m going to see Dashboard Confessional’s solo acoustic show in February. I haven’t listened to them in ages. This is really an homage to my 18-year-old self who wailed all the songs on The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most at the top of her lungs. I promise I wasn’t an emo child. I just liked words. And ruminating. Wait…

I’m also going to see Foster The People in January. I probably should have mentioned that before mentioning Dashboard. But that’s cuz I bought my DC ticket today. My ticket to FTP was purchased a month ago. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I listen to FTP because they’re a bit teenagery, aren’t they? Oh well. Concerts are fun. And I will dance.


2 thoughts on “The best deceptions

  1. I’ve had conversations I wish I could undo… so I’m pretty sure I understand the feeling of wishing to unlearn something. Fried chicken is a good way to console oneself, though. You can eat half the bird one day and the other half the next, when you’re still trying to forget.

    I went to see Gavin DeGraw (listened to him a lot in HS) and it was fabulous. Better than I was expecting, actually. I hope you have fun at your concert! 🙂

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