That I should go and this should end

I’ve been listening to this song aaaaaall day.

Lovely, lovely song. Need to listen to Missy more.

Also, what a cute hairstyle! I want it! I texted my hairstylist to watch the video and see if he thinks I can pull it off. If he doesn’t think it will look completely retarted on me, I might just go fer it. It’s a lot shorter than what I’m used to but I’ve had my current hairstyle for the last seven years and I feel like a change.

I attended an ongoing, level 1 yoga class on Saturday. If I’m honest it felt a bit soulless, because she was moving pretty fast and there was hardly any talking, just pure movement. I would have liked her to explain the moves a little bit. But seeing as it’s an ongoing class, perhaps she has done it before. Anyway. Not that big of a deal. I quite enjoyed rocking all of the poses like it’s in my blood. I’m a bit of a show pony, see. When I could do this one rather difficult pose – which fellow yoga enthusiast Lightchaser informed me is a variant of the kakasana – effortlessly and everyone was like, “Oooh!” because nobody else could do it, I felt really smug. So I’m gonna go again this Saturday just so I could amaze everyone again. No, I’m kidding. I actually really like stretching.


4 thoughts on “That I should go and this should end

  1. Hello TFC! I posted this on your old blog too! It’s been a while since I’ve caught up with your archives but I would really love to be a privileged reader again (whee), if you wouldn’t mind of course 😀 I’m going to sit back and update myself on your lovely recipes now…

    Amelia 🙂

    1. Hi Meals! Long time no talk! Sorry, I had to edit my name out of your comment because this blog isn’t password-protected – yet. You can’t see chunks of text mostly because there aren’t any. Haha. Haven’t updated very much lately. But, if/when I do decide a post needs password-protection, I’ll be sure to let you know it. 🙂

  2. Yaaaay! I’m sorry for not replying to this earlier. It’ll be such a pleasure if/when you do; I feel like your blogposts have been the staple of my online blog life, and the only remnant left of d-x days (especially as I’ve stopped blogging myself!) I do hope you are well, and that 2012 will be a year of joy for you 🙂 xx I should probably send you a LONG lengthy email/FB message someday about life on my side!!!!! So please prod me if you’re interested haha.

    PS: Whyyyy do I have to login to post a comment 😦 What happened to anonymity?

    1. Don’t worry, your name will always remain in the VIP readers list. Hahaha. Why oh why have you stopped blogging? I blog a lot less these days but I don’t think I could fully stop. Writing is catharsis for me. I’m doing okay, 2012 has been kind so far. *knock on wood* I hope yours is going well too and please, do keep me updated on your life! I most definitely am a kaypoh and would like to know. Hehe.

      My bad on the login thing. I’ve unchecked the “users need to be registered to post a comment” box. Should be okay now!

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