Bottle up and explode

Yeah, I’m blogging from work. Sue me. The boss, whose desk is right behind mine, is away, so I might as well take advantage. TFC, ever the hard worker. Haaa.

I feel groggy and sleepy. I woke up three times last night. THREE. Not to go to the bathroom but for no reason. Although google informs me it’s probably due to stress. You can say that again, google. I am actually pretty stressed out. I have been, for a while now. About…

My job.

No surprises there. It’s the alcohol aspect…it’s getting to me. It’s been eating me up, slowly. I knew this would happen. Hell, I knew going in that I was already uncomfortable. But I thought, hey, I need money, so I’m gonna do this…until I feel guilty enough. Well, it seems we’ve reached that point. Two months later, we’ve reached that point.

I sent out my resume to a few places last night. Fingers crossed I get a call soon because if I have to open emails with the heading “beer order for _______” for much longer, I’m going to vomit.


2 thoughts on “Bottle up and explode

  1. I imagine that would be hard for someone with morals and principles 😀 Unlike me… lol. Just kidding, you really do have to work within the boundaries of what is comfortable for you!!!!

  2. Yeah, at the best of times we feel only vaguely motivated enough to get out of bed and go to work. To have to work at something you not only don’t believe in but is also inimical to your morals is a tough order and frankly, unnecessary. You can do without THAT daily struggle. You’ll find something new and better quite soon.

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